Welcome all on my homepage. Nice to have you here.  

My name is Hendrik . I was born in Leipzig and grew up there. As I was 16 I moved to Berlin/Potsdam/Teltow/Velten. After the unification or lets say the f#ing takeover by West Germany, I realised that Germany sucks.  So after a few years in the new  Germany I correct this problem and move to a nice small country in the centre of Europe, which doesn't follow these stupid EU things.

This country is known as Switzerland.  Here I have a work as a programer (sic!).

So what will you find on my page ?  Pictures from some journeys and

a collection of my favourite links and some other things,

statements, Downloads ... .  It's a site in permanent developing and changing.

The journeys - Australia 2000/2001--------------------------------------USA 1999


If you still have any questions, ok, send me an I-Mehl: mailto:hendrik@jentzs.ch